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First Schtick Game in Eurasia

Oct 8, 2005:

Dr. Dreh & the frisbeefreunde played the
first known game of Schtick ever played in Eurasia.

First Ever Game in Canada?

October 11, 2006

We played in Toronto, Canada. I’ll have to let everyone know that Saturday’s game was the first documented game of Schtick in Canada. We had 40 on the field during the peak of the game, which required the third disc for added chaos. Amazing how the internet can connect people and spread ideas. I hope that Schtick disc will one day be in the Olympics!

-Nelson Lee

World’s First Telecast of Schtick

South African Cricket Team Get Stuck into Schtick.

Well this is a twisted & bizarre tale. Apparently a professional South African cricket team was shown on TV for 20 seconds, playing schtick as a warm-up. This was broadcast nationally apparently in Australia on 12/18/05.

Can we conclude schtick has been played in a 4th continent (Africa, for those of you keeping score)??!!

First Person to Teach Schtick in School

Duffy Whitmer, Pennsylvania, USA, April 2005 (see “kooschtick” under variations)

World’s Oldest Schtick Player

Paul C. Donohue, age 65, August 2003

Greatest International Disseminator of Schtick

muz “Moose” Johnson:

Romania (2005), South Korea (2005), China (2007)

Most Discs Played with in a Schtick Game

9 discs

Chuncheon, South Korea

July, 2005

muz “Moose” Johnson

World’s Youngest Schtick Player

Calvin Donohue, age 3 years 2 months, July 2005

World’s First Ever Schtick Hall of Fame

You’re lookin at it, palsie.