Schtick inherits the notion of the Spirit of the Game (SOTG) from ultimate (AKA ultimate Frisbee).

SOTG is a philosophy, which holds that sportsmanlike play supercedes winning. Many in the ultimate world extend this concept into an ethos of goodwill & inclusiveness that transcends the actual game. Schtick was conceived with this virtue very much in mind.

We believe that Schtick takes the concept of SOTG even farther. The mechanics of the play of schtick automatically enforce a spirited environment in a couple of ways. First, players are humbled by the fact that 2 or more discs are in play at once. No one individual can control the game. Second, Schtick empowers less athletic & less experienced players with the ability to exert considerable influence of the game (e.g., by simply tagging an enemy player). Thus, Schtick programs spirited game play into itself.

Here is a reference on SOTG, as it is applied to Ultimate (Frisbee).