Schtick was first played in July, 1994, on the beach of Assateague Island State Park in Maryland, USA.

It was conceived & pioneered by the “delaware/rice posse”, a group of now 30-something friends from Delaware, USA and/or graduates of Rice University, who get together annually for fun & adventure.

founding fathers in their unkempt youth, August 1994, in Assateague Island, Maryland, USA

Since that time, it was spread by its initiators to Palo Alto, California (1995), Seattle, Washington (1996), Houston, TX (1996-7). It has since begun replicating itself in the absence of its creators. It has reached Hawaii, Oregon, Ohio, Minneapolis, and Syndey, Australia, to name a few places. It is still spreading.

The primary vector for its transmission is the ultimate (frisbee) player. Ultimate players are dangerously open-minded, and provide an ideal medium for the rapid replication of Schtick. Major outbreaks of Schtick have been found to occur at “ultimate tournaments” and like gatherings.

It has been featured at Washington State’s Potlatch tournament for several years. In Sydney, Australia, they have held World Pan-Pacific Schtick Championships multiple times since December 2001. We are unaware whether there has ever been a public Schtick tournament or event independent of an ultimate tournament.

At this writing there is no known cure. No vaccine yet exists. The only preventative measure is to use sanitary social practices like watching TV.