Moose is Still at it in Suzhou, China

Schtick continues to grow in China with students from my old university in Harbin establishing the “Ultimate Frisbee Organisation (UFO)” while in Suzhou the first few games have commenced (see picture).  Despite drizzly weather typical of the English countryside, a group of more than 15 turned out to give it a spin.  True to form, while the athletic guys were certainly extremely influential, the female players were easily matching them stride for stride.  The girl in purple was probably the top point scorer for the day, sneaking through the defence time after time to score.  The girl in red (behind the girl in purple) pulled off save of the day coming from no where to put on the most fabulous foot block witnessed in the (relatively short) history of Chinese Schitck.

All of this is extremely encouraging and with UFO mooting the possibility of taking the game to schools and organisations in Harbin with a view to establishing a national competition (seems a fairly large step to me, but the Chinese have a knack of making the difficult or impossible happen), I can only presume this is the latest in a series of steps to complete world domination of, if nothing else, Schtick.

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