Indoor Schtick!

Schtick was played indoors at the Winter Indoor Family Sports Nights from November, 2009 through March, 2010.  The game played nicely on a basketball court, with 12 or more on a side.  We generally played with 6 discs.  I highly recommend the wonderful Aerobie Squidgee Discs when playing indoors or in close quarters or with kids.  These discs fly great!  You can plug your kid with em at point blank range as hard as you can with no repercussions (except the rare eye shot).  You might get giddy and start pelting the public at large with the thing.  Invariably when I randomly assail passers by with one of these discs they laugh it off and even thank me for the experience, but I digress.The basketball court comes with some convenient pre-drawn lines for your schtick convenience.  My favorite version was the Kids vs. Adults version devised by the ingenious Jonathan (age 8).  Warms/fuzzies abounded during these events.

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