Indoor Kids vs Adults Rules

This was the idea of Jonathan, a very smart 8 year-old.  He suggested this variation during Winter Indoor Family Sports 2009-2010, played in Springer Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, in conjunction with the Delaware Chapter of the Sierra Club.  Play on a basketball court, indoors.  One 2m x 2m goal at each end, under the basketball hoop.  The adult team’s home territory is inside one of the 3-point lines.  The kids team is the rest of the court.  I.e. the mid line is moved all the way to one of the 3-point throw lines.  Play with otherwise normal rules.  6-20 kids against 3-1o adults.  Play with 5 or more discs.  We prefer Aerobie Squidgee discs for indoor play.  Adults have a long way to run before they can score.  Kids can swarm the adults with multiple simultaneous attacks.  Adults tend to pass quite a bit to get through the masses of kids.

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