Moose Spreads Schtick in Asia

Teaching your way around the world is a great way to spread the Word of Schtick as many people are very interested to find out just what sports we really play in Australia. Most don’t believe a sport such as Australian Rules really exists, so Schtick is a nice, peaceful alternative.While occasionally reluctant to start, once a game commences the players love it mainly because it involves so many people at any time. Whereas most sports really only involve the players who are fast or particularly skilled, the amount of action in a game of Schtick (particularly when there are 9 frisbees in operation) is insane. Even the slowest and least coordinated of students, those who often detest PE time, frequently start to enjoy the game.Whereas Ultimate Frisbee needs superior throwing skills, Schtick can get an entire class of students out and running around – screaming, shouting and generally having a wild old time. In the future I might introduce Ultimate as an alternative, particularly since improved throwing skills would certainly benefit the quality of the games, but as a starter, Schtick is… ultimate!Thus far I’ve successfully introduced Schtick to elementary school kids in Korea, junior high school kids in Romania and am currently going head-to-head against Yao Ming for the hearts of university students in China. Once you get past the initial skepticism and have people playing, it sells itself…

muz “Moose” Johnson of Canberra, Australia, 13 October, 2007

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