UNC Rules

Shorter field (~15 yards. to the midline)
Add a ‘penalty’ cone/rag 15 yards from the midpoint between the two scoreboxes.
Begin game by double throw-off to (each to opponent’s side…
Play is continuous (no throw-off after each score) score is just like a turnover.
Restart with a throw-off if both discs are scored in the same goal at the same time.
Turnovers as in Ultimate (i.e. you can turn it over with an incomplete pass on your own side)
A player must have touched the ground before he/she can be tagged in their opponents’ territory.
I.e. you can safely do a “greatest” without being tagged.
Players can’t touch the ground inside the “scorebox” they’re defending.
If they do so, the offending player must go touch the penalty cone before doing anything else (can’t tag opponents or touch discs).

(contributed 19 Dec 2003 by Alan Hoyle)

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